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Orientation in dispatching centers issues   / Introduction-how to do it

If you start think about realization of dispatch center for any area of our life like call centrum or air traffic control you will solving a many problems. Its the same think like start work with new equipments or applications. You will find that you dont use the same terminology. It means, that you dont understand to manual or help.You will find that you have more questions than answers and that its more complicated than it seems on the start.

From this reasons appropriate step is to use our provide to formulate your requirments. We will help you quickly understand the issues of the dispatching centers, see the importants connections. This knowledge will then help to establish criteria and you can choose the best supplier for your dispatch center for your specifications.

The issues of dispatching centers is not easy. During realization of dispatching center you connect partial subsystems into one effective unit. This process call "system integration". The result is that dispatching system work like one single platform supporting dispatching operation.

For easer understand this issues you can find here picture oveview call "HOW TO DO IT". This will show you some important parts of system integration.

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