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Introduction   / Dispatch center

Dispatch technologies are composed from several parts.When you enter to dispatch hall you can see big graphic wall and big workplace with a several lcd screens.The Dispatch centrum can be seen by the number of workplaces (1 workplace, 2 workplaces or more workplaces), by focusing on relevant activity (traffic management, industry, power engineering, healt care), according to the method operation (supervision, management). The operator has an equipment for his specific activity.This technologies are dividing into wrokplace technologies (Control touch console, keybord/mouse,LCD screens,etc), building technoloies (cabling system, aircondition, etc) and united technologies of the dispatching system (copy&print centrum, Graphic wall, etc).
Dispatch workplace   / Dispatch center

Dispatch centers are equipped by cucstom made consoles.We use consoles of the worlds leading manufacturers.These consoles are made by our proposals and what the costumer need and want. Dispatching console is composed by many parts (interfaces, cabling, LCD screens, Control touch console, communication blocks, backup commnications block, lights, etc...)Some parts of KOJA disaptching system are placed in technology room like as servers, computers, etc. The reasons are (noise, data protection, hygiene).Next part is service access to console, fixed of panels, technologies components, cabling, movable parts of console, etc. We have a many years experiences with this issue.Service access to consoles has quick removable panels which has locks for protection of access. Dispatch console is connected by patch panels with technology room.

Design and ergnomoics.
Design of console is the same as overall design of dispatch center (colors, materials).In the same design (color, design) we offer also Control touch console,access panels and other parts of console. Ergonomics and view angles has another problems and sometimes its hard to solve.We can offer our experiences with this issue
Common dispatch technologies   / Dispatch center

Every dispatch center has common technologies.This technologies are ussualy graphic walls, copy&print centers, automatic registry systems,etc.

Finally note:
Each section containes a comprehensive overview of all elements that we offer.
Every dispatching centrum is original and we will delighted offer you technical support or proposal for your solution.
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