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For normal people are this technologies hide.Usually control technologies are in the technology room where you can find a many ensure of parameters needed for the reliable operation of the equipments (for example, backup power supply,overvoltage protection, no entrance for tresspaser, etc.)

Tchnologies for control dispatch are designes into rack in single block of system.Computers, backup power supply, amplifier, telephone exchange, appropriate interfaces, air condition etc. The whole system is modular using 19" rack. Single rack unific into the appropriate groups (rack for computers, radio communications etc.).

Control technologies KOJA comply to safety requirments and protect of invesments. For your dispatch center we designe, make and deliver control technologies according to required specifications. We are ready offer to you a many different solutions. Prices, technical parameters, funcitons etc.

Control technologies KOJA has fully wotchdog and support for remote control which safety acces.

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