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Heating, air   / Building technologies

Air conditioning, supercharging, sun protection etc.
Aerial system   / Building technologies

Antenna, measurement.
Protect systems   / Building technologies

Access Systems, sun - blind, windows films etc.
Backup power supply   / Building technologies

Generators, UPS, batteries.
Connecting technologies   / Building technologies

Dispatch system is often connect with other systems which provide some data or system direct control connect technologies.Technologies are connect through INTERFACE and communicate with dispatching center with communicate protocols.The connect technologies we can separate for example to local and remote etc.Typicle technologies are gates, lights, FDS, etc.
Cabling systems   / Building technologies

Carrier cabling systems, antenna cabling, cabling system, special light current and power cabling.
Construction technologies   / Building technologies

Double floor technology, podhledové stropy, cross buntons, lighting, antenna mast, semaphores etc.
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