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Video Wall
Slovakia Nuclear Power Plant Mochovce a.s.   / 2011

Dispatch Center for Fire Fighters of Nuclear Power plant Mochovce - SLOVAKIA.

Dispatch console is designed as one-man workplace, with graphic wall and other components. All servers and PC are located in Server room. The Console contains only LCD monitors, keyboard with mouse, Touch screen LCD, control panel for radio, phones, card reader and some other equipment. All control components of KOJA system (servers, computers, interfaces, etc...) are in Server room separated from Dispatch room. Dispatch system is connect with other communications and data technologies the way that operator can control all technologies of fire station. For example - gates, warning lights, etc. All is located in ergonomic position to operator with flushed Touch screen in to the worksurface.
Fire Brigade PETROM, S.A. Romania   / 2009

Dispatch center for Fire Brigade Petrom , S.A. Dispatch center was delivered for Falck Fire Services S.R.L. Romania company
Fire Brigade M.R. Štefánika Bratislava SR   / 2008

Fire brigade dispatch center has dispatch console made by KOJA-BUSH in design two man wokrpalce.Technologies ( communications, control of building technologies, FDS and emergency operation).

Control of all technologies is integrated to CTC (Control Touch Console).

SW CTC focuse on:
COMMUNICATION/radio and broadcast, etc../
SUPPORT TECHNOLOGIES /control of fire departure, crysis management/
BUILDING TECHNOLOGIES /gates,lights, etc. Watchdog of these technologies/
BDSRV Unipetrol RPA, s.r.o.   / 2007

Security dispatch system for production management Unipetrol RPA s.r.o.
Two man dispatch workplace with sit&stand technology.
CPS Airport Praha Ruyzně   / 2006

Dispatch center of Fire brigade Airport Praha is formed by dispatch hall with 3 workplaces, crysis management hall with conference table (12 seats), technologies room and social facilites.

The dispatch system KOJA is connected to other dispatch systems for operatating and crysis management of the airport.Dispatch system has own watchdog and remote control.Into system is integrate FDS or CCTV and evacuate broadcast.From central Fire station is possible to control other substations on the airport.

Fire Brigade Mittal Steel, a.s. (today Arcelor Mittal Ostrava, a.s.)   / 2005

One man dispatch center. Architecture CLIENT-SERVER.PC communication, FDS,building technologies,Backup Power supply.
Fire Brigade Group 4 Falck Services   / 2004

Dispatch is designed like one-man workplace with possibility two or three - man workplace during crysis situations.The dispatch workplace use sit&stand technology.
Fire Brigade Petržalka - Bratislava SR   / 2003

Dispatch center for Fire brigade and Rescue system of Bratislava city. Disatch system works in a classic Client-Server architecture. Wrokpalce is designed as two man workplace.
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