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We have opened a new showroom- DISPATCH CENTERS, SYSTEM INTEGRAION.

Visit us.
Pujmavé 1221/4
Praha 4, Krč

The visist must be ordered by e-mail /see KOJA contacts/.

FIRECO Trenčín SK   / 2009

We exhibited two man workplace with Control console KOJA.
Pyros 9 Brno   / 2008

We showed new type of Dispatch console KOJA-BUSCH.
Pyros 8 Brno   / 2006

Cooperation with germany company Kreis showe our next type of Dispatch console.We also exhibieted KOJA HW equipments, for example new Broadcast amplifier ZR300, Din modules, etc.
FIRECO Trenčín SK   / 2005

Exhibition of these companies - KOJA, spol. s.r.o., T-soft Praha and Isatech s.r.o.
The exhibit focused to SW for crysis management.
E+R+P,Bratislava SK   / 2004

On the exhibiton E+R+P we presented on-line cooperation of dispatch system KOJA and information system IWS for crysis management, projection technology DLP. This large wall display allow clear visualization of process of dispatch system during non-stop operation 24hours, 365days in year.

Complete solution of communication and information part of KOJA dispatch system was awarded PRIX Incheba 2004 as "Dispatch system for life"

Pyros 7 Brno   / 2004

We exhibited new Control touch Console to control - Communications and Technologies.
FIRECO Trenčín SK   / 2003

On the FIRECO exhibiton we showed complete Dispatch system KOJA.Block of communications showed voice and IP communication and it was placement at the new type fo rack.Also we exhibited new Dispatch console which allows sit or stand during work.Next part of exhibition was complete set of our software for Dispatch systems all in online mode.
Pyros 6 Brno   / 2002

This year we exhibited new information system IWS,containers for crysis management and software for control of technologies and communication through touch LCD.
5.Pyros Brno   / 2000

We exhibited CCTV and FDS integration to Koja system.Also we showed innovated modules for contol of traffic lights. (Turn on in "0"), modules on(off etc. - photo 2, 3.
4.Pyros Brno   / 1998

On this exhibiton was showed new verison of FIRE6 software.This version allowed to identification on phone lines and at the same time showed location of for example VTA.Also at the first time we used touch LCD fot control building technologies, track the cars by GPS. Photo 3 show dispatching center HZS Kroměříž. Photo 2 show integration of according device (Audioblok) to control touch console.
3.Pyros Brno   / 1996

We exhibited our first recording system called Audioblok.Its integrated to 19" rack.(photo 2)
2.Pyros Brno   / 1995

On exhibition wve exhibited news like broadcast amplifier (photo 2), system Kyes32ident (photo4), videcorecorder, etc.
1.Pyros Brno   / 1994

Our first exhibition.We showed apliccation for support fire departure.This application was running on MS DOS OS and allowed to recive information, print departure documents,control of technologies.
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