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Dispatch centers division is manufacturer and supplier of dispatching systems (dispatch centers). Dispatching systems now intervene in many areas of our lives. They are found in transportation, industry, energy, healthcare, the safety areas, etc.
Koja dispatch systems are used in production management (SAFETY MANAGEMENT PRODUCTION), as well you can find them at fire stations (Operations centers.
KOJA Dispatch systems can be used as main dispatch center for logistic companies as well as safety dispatching system for crisis management.

Division - Dispatch equipment for the Dispatch center provides:

  • technical support /setting, changes/ 
  • project 
  • construction work 
  • production equipment 
  • custom development, special components delivery 
  • system integration
  • delivery 
  • assembly
  • training 
  • service
  • remote control 
  • remote management

Priority focus:
Dispatch centers for Fire-Fighters.

Integration of communication systems like FDS, EZS, CCTV will interface in to other technology in Dispatch centers.

Development is focused on communication a technologic components of dispatching systems. This is primarily VOIP, radio systems control by computer, Broadcast 100V, record of audio relations, control of building technologies and right dispatching software.

The most requirment solution is "turnkey" realisation.



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