Company profile  -  Qualification

Our company is one of the suppliers on the list of qualified contractors maintained by law no.137/2006Sb about public contracts in DEPARTMENT OF REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT /we are enrolled in no.20040007416/. We are registered in commercial register (link to page), we have certification of reliability UCL and NBU.Also we have certificaton of system quality ÈSN EN ISO 9001:2009, environmental management system  ÈSN EN ISO 14001 and system of safety and health protection ÈSN OHSAS 18001.We are members of Professional association PA.



We are traine for installation and design of dispatching consoles made by Evans consoles.


The itegrated management system
(quality, environment and BOZP)

Main goals

Our main goal is maximum satisfaction costumer at a high level of safety our staff and others and to minimize the negative effect on the environment. Our goal is creative and develop an effective system of management of company.This golas we try successfully accomplish by respect of customers requirments and all reguirments of law. During all our activities we tak care about health of our staff and others and we regular create work method and technologies to prevent health hazard and reduce of negative effect on environment.We want to offer products and services of high qualities to our costumers.

Expertise nad sustainable development 

We want to strenghten our market postition and our competitiveness in our profession.High quality of our services we want successfully accomplished by improving management processes,  improving qualification of our staff and produce high technologies. Regular innovation of our products and services


The quality of company is as same as quality of staff.That is reason why our staff regularly improve their skills and professional level of their knowledge.We createed conditions for safe and health protection environment. We accepted measures to prevent accidents and technologies which we use has regularly revisions to safe work with them.Systematic and regularly training of our staff strenghten their stance in health and personal involvement in the preventatiton of risks in external and internal workplaces. We try to make that each of staff be aware of risks and preventation of accidents on wrokplace. All our staff use BOZP and EMS system quality during work.


Our suppliers also perform system quality of environmental and BOZP. They must prove same quality in same conditions as we have. We want to constantly emprove our environmental profile during development of business activites.

Quality, environment and BOZP

For constantly improve management of integrated system, first of all is identification and review of QMS proccess nad evaluation of all environmental aspects, BOZP risks, goals and targets of EMS and BOZP programs.



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